Re-elect Caleb Hinkle

Proven Conservative Seeking re-election for House District 68.

About Caleb

Caleb Hinkle is a Constitutional Conservative and a proud veteran of the Montana Army National Guard. He is dedicated to protecting life--has passed legislation protecting children while bringing accountability in the judicial system-- passed legislation defending medical freedom--and he was one of just a hand full of legislators that stepped forward with creative solutions to try and address Montana's high property taxes in the last 2023 legislative session.

Caleb Hinkle is the ONLY CANDIDATE in this race that supported the call for a special legislative session to address and lower property taxes.

Pro-Life, Low Taxes, Limited Government

Proven Conservative Record

Caleb is 100% Pro-Life and has an outstanding record to match it. He even carried pro-life legislation himself and for the first time gained the support of ALL legislative Republicans.

Pro-Life Advocacy
Standing for Freedom

After being vetted, due to Caleb's consistent and strong conservative record he was one of only 16 invited to be a member of the Montana Freedom Caucus! He is the only Freedom Caucus Member in this race.

Caleb earned a 100% Freedom
Index score!
Proven Leadership

Previous Achievements

Caleb Hinkle has a track record of delivering results for the people of Montana. As stated, he has championed pro-life legislation, judicial accountability, protecting children from child abuse, medical freedom and supported policies that promote economic growth and job creation. Infact, Caleb received the Montana Chamber of Commerce "Champion of Business Award" for 2023!!

Sportsmen's Choice

One of Caleb's successful signature bills, was the "Montana Heritage Hunt" Montana's first dedicated traditional black powder season. Previous to Caleb's House Bill 242, Montana was the last state in the USA to NOT have a dedicated muzzleloader season. Even Hawaii has a Muzzleloader season! Caleb's heritage hunt has become widely popular since its passage!!

Military Service

Caleb Hinkle proudly served his state and nation as an 11C Indirect Fire Infantrymen (mortar-man). Caleb drilled out of Belgrade with Montana Army National Guard for 6 years. He began his enlistment as an E-1 Private and ended in leadership as an E-5 Sergeant.

Caleb dropping a mortar

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